100 “How-to Topics” on a Variety of Subjects

how to topics

One of the most important aspects of coming up with how to presentation topics is understanding precisely what your teacher is looking for. You need to know word count limitations or allotted minutes for a speech or demonstration. We’ve put together a list of 100 good how-to topics you can use for free:

How to Speech Ideas for College Students

Most how-to speeches topics for college students have to deal with serious issues. Students are more likely to be interested and invested when working with any of the following of how to speech topics:

  1. How to meditate for self-improvement.
  2. How to start an exercise program this summer.
  3. How to choose the appropriate size for a suit jacket.
  4. How to write in calligraphy.
  5. How to start a safe weight training program.
  6. How to grow your vegetables.
  7. How to carve a Halloween pumpkin.
  8. How to change a flat tire in less than 10 minutes.
  9. How to change a baby’s diaper without a mess.
  10. How to save money for graduate education.

How to Topics for Second Grade

This list of good how to speech topics for younger students (second grade). They are simple enough for students at this educational level to become engaged and create great assignments:

  1. How to properly care for a kitten or puppy.
  2. How to clean your favorite stuffed animal.
  3. How to keep a coin collection clean.
  4. How to get chores done on time.
  5. How to finish your homework in less than 1 hour.
  6. How to eat healthy vegetables each day.
  7. How to get enough exercise outside of school.
  8. How to keep in touch with friends during the summer.
  9. How to make sure you complete your summer assignments.
  10. How to plan a funny but safe April Fool’s joke.

How to Topics for Demonstration Speech

If you need to do a short demonstration or presentation for a class, these how-to speech topics are great to speak on for 5 – 6 minutes while still being challenging enough to earn a top grade:

  1. How to prepare a backpack for traveling abroad.
  2. How to prepare a homemade first aid kit for minor injuries.
  3. How to learn a new dance for an important event.
  4. How to write an acknowledgment for a dissertation.
  5. How to get an A+ when you have slacked off all semester.
  6. How to prepare for an important exam in just a few days.
  7. How to take good notes in a complicated lecture.
  8. How to design and fold a great paper airplane.
  9. How to deliver a good speech on any topic.
  10. How to avoid running into an ex after a bad breakup.

How to Demonstration Speech Topics Community College

These are how-to topics for speech made exclusively for students at community colleges. They help pave the way for larger projects to use in more difficult courses:

  1. How to investigate a home break-in.
  2. How to choose jewelry that perfectly complements a dressing gown.
  3. How to apply table manners when you eat at a fine restaurant.
  4. How to set up security cameras around your home.
  5. How to choose the perfect wedding gift for a long-time friend.
  6. How to choose the perfect wine to pair with your home meal.
  7. How to order in a different language when you don’t know the language.
  8. How to apply to a four-year university after community college.
  9. How to get into grad school without having letters of recommendation.
  10. How to protect your home from potential break-ins.

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How it Feels to Walk Into Hot Topics

These how-to topics all deal with situations in which you can walk into an unfamiliar place and have to adjust to your surroundings:

  1. How to deal with walking in an argument between your parents.
  2. How to manage your feelings when your significant other wants a break.
  3. How to get help when you walk into a restaurant where no one speaks English.
  4. How to navigate a professional gym when you first start working out.
  5. How to make new friends when you transfer to another school.
  6. How to find your way around campus when it is your first day.
  7. How to maintain social distancing when you enter a crowded restaurant.
  8. How to maintain a safe space between you and others in the line.
  9. How to develop a plan of escape without offending party hosts.
  10. How to get out of going to a family reunion.

How to Finish ALEKS Topics Fast

ALEKS is a web-based adaptive learning system designed for teachers, parents, and K-12 students. This how-to speeches topics list deals with the ALEKS system:

  1. How to finish a one-on-one laptop program in less than 1 week.
  2. How to utilize a five-step system to finish any ALEKS assignment.
  3. How to finish Math Level-5 Programs Using Quick Tables.
  4. How to finish Supplemental Coursework in a day.
  5. How to utilize a quiet reading space to score high in English.
  6. How to utilize parent resources to complete difficult assignments.
  7. How to implement new strategies to excel in the ALEKS program.
  8. How to improve your ALEKS study skills at the computer lab.
  9. How to pass the Middle School Math Course 2 with an A+.
  10. How to master the English Course in less than a couple of weeks.

How to Come up with Story Ideas

Story ideas are among the most popular types of assignments to write a how-to introduce a topic. These are largely used by middle school and high school students:

  1. How to come up with good story ideas through family experiences.
  2. How to come with a story involving an influential person from your past.
  3. How to introduce heroes and villains to make your stories compelling.
  4. How to use plot twists to develop an original story idea.
  5. How to use film to inspire new fictional short story ideas.
  6. How to write a story using a conversation you have overheard.
  7. How to invent a story about someone who is no longer in touch.
  8. How to use free writing prompts to inspire your ideas.
  9. How to take a novel you like and reinvent an idea for a story.
  10. How to use stories from national news to inspire your own.

Topics of How to Teach Writing

This list of how to process speech topics are meant for educators that learning the best methods for teaching others how to write at various levels and across disciplines:

  1. How to make writing meaningful to elementary students.
  2. How to incorporate fantasy stories to encourage creative writing.
  3. How to encourage students to write about their favorite athletes.
  4. How to teach writing to stubborn or rebellious middle school students.
  5. How to assess a student’s current skills to encourage more writing.
  6. How to encourage imitation in writing through meaning reading.
  7. How to utilize a reward system to increase vocabulary.
  8. How to improve a student’s writing by teaching sentence variety.
  9. How to teach students to become effective storytellers through writing.
  10. How to make writing assignments fun for students at all levels.

Funny How to Essay Topics

Here is a group of funny how-to topics that should capture your audience’s attention. They are pulled from some of the most humorous how-to topics being discussed on the web:

  1. How to make your spouse jealous of your dog.
  2. How to trick your kids into eating healthy without them knowing.
  3. How to pass off store-bought pies as your own.
  4. How to order a large number of infomercial products secretly.
  5. How to sleep at work without getting caught.
  6. How to convince someone you are a celebrity.
  7. How to get someone else to pay for your meals every time.
  8. How to get somebody to buy you a drink at the bar.
  9. How to incorporate comic book stories into your academic essays.
  10. How to beat a traffic ticket when you are 100 percent guilty.

How to Follow More Topics on Pinterest

Interested in topics for how to speech for something you found on Pinterest? We’ve found that these ideas are among the most popular:

  1. How to crochet Star Wars characters in less than a week.
  2. How to create a self-portrait using Adobe Photoshop.
  3. How to make great Korean street foods with just a few ingredients.
  4. How to decorate a dorm room on a limited budget.
  5. How to get a summer beach body during a quarantine.
  6. How to get glowing skin using just a few beauty products.
  7. How to get rid of oily skin by eating natural foods.
  8. How to plan a fun dinner party for just a small group.
  9. How to plan for a wedding when you are on a budget.
  10. How to make your job fun to do when you hate your boss.

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