170 Persuasive Research Paper Topics: Top Ideas For Top Grades

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Whenever professors assign students to work on a research paper, they expect them to choose a unique, engaging, and research-worthy topic for the article. However, such a task is daunting and frustrating to most students. Are you one of the frustrated lot thinking about where to begin looking for persuasive research paper topics? Well, look no more!

What Is a Persuasive Research Paper?

A persuasive paper is written to convince the reader to accept a particular point of view or take a specific action. It is like the analogy of a lawyer arguing out a case before a jury. As a writer, you will take your stand on an issue—either “for” or “against”—and build the strongest possible argument to win over your reader.

To have a top-notch persuasive paper, you need to conduct adequate research, awareness of the reader’s biases, and a solid understanding of the two opposing sides of the issue. Strong persuasive papers demonstrate the correctness of your opinion and why the opposite view is incorrect.

How To Write Winning Persuasive Research Topics

Since the primary purpose of persuasive writing is to convince rather than inform an audience, it is essential to structure your topic in a persuading manner. Here are writing tips for topics for persuasive research paper:

  • Choose a position
  • Understand your audience
  • Conduct adequate research
  • Identify the most convincing evidence

With these, you can build the strongest possible argument in your writing process. Now let’s look at some of the best persuasive paper topics:

Persuasive Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Why college students should not carry their laptops to school
  2. Should college students participate in activism activities like the Black Lives Matter movement
  3. Reasons why college students should don school uniform when going to class
  4. The state should offer free scholarships to public universities
  5. Racism impedes equal access to education
  6. Why college students are lazy in conducting their research
  7. Grants and scholarships should go to students from humble backgrounds
  8. College students still need supervision when using the internet at any time
  9. Boycotting and strikes in universities compels the administration to act on issues fast
  10. Why we should review the academic curriculum annually
  11. College students should participate in athletics
  12. The best way to perform better is through regular exercises
  13. Males have the potential of beating their female counterparts in sciences

Persuasive Research Paper Topics For High School Students

  1. Why students should not use mobile devices in class during the lesson
  2. Meaningful ways to spend your weekend
  3. Why family come-together is essential for any child
  4. High school students should not have boyfriends and girlfriends
  5. Why students should not carry packed lunch or water
  6. Reasons why students should bring their pets to school
  7. Advantages of using the school bus over personal means
  8. Teachers should supervise students during exam sessions
  9. Why students should not take their assignments to online writing sites
  10. Why the internet is making students lazy than before
  11. Reasons why the state should ban school trips
  12. Students should have a fair amount of homework for the weekend and holidays
  13. Why schools should not offer junk food in their meal timetables

Psychology Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. Death sentences affect the mental well-being of the family members
  2. Suspects and convicts should have the right to confess or not
  3. Religion should not be the basis of specific decisions
  4. Why sexual abuse leaves a permanent scar on the victims
  5. Reasons why coaches and trainers have an impact on the team performance
  6. Why most youths and teenagers are victims of apathy
  7. Why everyone should consider their perception
  8. Why love, passion, and romance are shared today
  9. Social media is an excellent cause of emotional discomfort among teenagers
  10. The role of society in supporting orphan children
  11. Why everyone needs belonging
  12. The essence and consequence of feeling guilty
  13. Factors that make some people attracted towards others

Good Topics For a Persuasive Research Paper

  1. Why teachers should pass psychological tests before being allowed to teach
  2. Reasons why most men pursue science-related courses
  3. Why schools should make semester dates shorter
  4. The necessity of physical education in elementary learning
  5. Why parents should be more concerned about their children’s educational process
  6. Why hacking and phishing attracts more male teenagers
  7. Should partners spy on each other?
  8. Why genetic engineering is necessary for the 21st century
  9. Why vaccines should take one year
  10. Reasons why most journalism courses attracted many applicants
  11. Why students should not be subjected to online learning
  12. Should people keep wild animals as pets in their homes?
  13. Why the government should ban the use of fossil fuels

Persuasive Research Paper Topics For Marketing

  1. Television advertisements attract more audience than newspaper ads
  2. Why ladies are more likely to buy advertised products than men
  3. Reasons why most advertisers prefer outdoor marketing
  4. Psychological considerations when preparing advertising messages
  5. Why social media is a new form of digital marketing
  6. Reasons why advertisers are not offering their clients what they advertise
  7. Taxation on products is killing marketing strategies
  8. Why marketing is replacing the news hole in broadcast and print
  9. Why the government should ban the advertisement of an alcoholic product on TV
  10. Reasons why short and long term goals are essential in business
  11. Why market research is a key to starting any form of business
  12. Reasons why cold emailing potential customers work
  13. Why every business should know its place in the market

Good Persuasive Paper Topics on Ethical Issues

  1. Should men contractors receive the same pay as their female counterparts?
  2. Why doctors should utilize euthanasia when they run out of options
  3. Why life sentences are better than death sentences
  4. Why rats and pigs should not be used to test vaccines
  5. Reasons why influencing unborn children’s genetics is not ethical
  6. Why should people with pre-existing medical conditions donate blood?
  7. The impact of stereotypes in employment
  8. Why eating pork is not unethical after all
  9. Reasons why the buying and wearing of fur clothes are unethical
  10. Reasons why female patients do not prefer male nurses in their wards
  11. Why donating to charities should not be brought on national TV
  12. Should journalists take photos of people dying from hunger
  13. Why scanning machines at entrances are invading people’s privacy

Environmental Persuasive Paper Topics For College

  1. Why the government needs to impose more regulations on environmental conservation
  2. Why garden owners should not grow exotic plants
  3. Reasons why the government should reduce the number of diesel vehicles on the roads
  4. The sun contains plenty of untapped health benefits
  5. Why should every neighborhood have a recycling plant?
  6. Why hydraulic fracturing is dangerous
  7. Are hybrid cars the solution to air pollution on the roads?
  8. Why palm oil is becoming dangerous on human skin
  9. The government should impose more fishing restrictions on lakes
  10. Environmentally sensitive regions should be under state protection
  11. It is critical of everyone to be mindful of rare species
  12. More decisive measures should come in implementing alternative sources of energy
  13. Ways of reducing the use of paper through natural means

Persuasive Paper Topics Middle School

  1. Why the school buffet menu is not sufficient
  2. Elementary learning should be made accessible for all the population
  3. Why students should not take long breaks after the end of an academic year
  4. Why schools do not have enough time to fit all the curriculum programs
  5. Ways of making middle school education affordable for all
  6. Why middle school education in developed nations is sought more than in developing nations
  7. Why all students should not be forced to go to college or university
  8. Reasons why homework is unnecessary during weekdays
  9. Reasons why international exams are not applicable for all students
  10. Why children should be prepared for school before joining kindergarten
  11. Grading in schools kills the motivation of most students to continue learning
  12. Why corporal punishment produces disciplined and self-directed students
  13. Reasons why students should embrace home-based education

Good Topics For Persuasive Paper in Medicine

  1. Why everyone needs to have access to affordable medical care
  2. Reasons why contraceptive treatments are destroying lives rather than saving
  3. It is possible to prevent infectious diseases more effectively
  4. Why dark chocolate is not bad for your health after all
  5. Reasons why a positive mindset can help prevent you from becoming sick more often
  6. Reasons why First Aid is taught in high school
  7. Why it is safe to chew tobacco than to smoke it
  8. Reasons why it is not advisable to attend to accident victims without the assistance of a medical practitioner
  9. Food additives are silently killing people without them knowing it
  10. Until what age should mothers stop breastfeeding their children?
  11. Natural ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  12. Why patients should take injections over tablets and syrups
  13. Reasons why people should not donate their organs at whatever age

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List of Persuasive Paper Topics in 2023

  1. Reasons why studying religion is motivational
  2. Sleeping for eight hours is not suitable for your mental activity
  3. Eating a lot of desserts will bring problems to your stomach
  4. Walking out alone in the night makes you brave
  5. Why playing violent video games will make you aggressive
  6. Reasons why most IT specialists wear glasses
  7. Why you should start your own business rather than being employed
  8. Reasons why most men are proud of their beards
  9. Why ladies put a lot of emphasis on their wardrobe than men
  10. Why you should apply for a Masters’ degree today
  11. Most last-born siblings like crying a lot
  12. Why it is possible to score an A in a campus exam
  13. How to control your eating habits

History Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. Reasons why most empires fell
  2. The world wars taught us more painful lessons than ever
  3. Why the Ottoman Empire is still significant today
  4. Why it was possible to prevent World War II from happening
  5. Reasons for the fall of the Mongol Empire power
  6. Mahatma Gandhi contributed a lot to world peace today
  7. Why freedom fighters loved their countries
  8. Causes of apartheid in South Africa
  9. Why Jamaica has a rich history
  10. Europeans and the colonization
  11. Nuclear weapons and war
  12. The history between China and the US
  13. History of Women Rights Movements
  14. Lessons from ancient conquests

Persuasive Paper Topics on Cyber Security

  1. Privacy and data security issues
  2. Cloud computing and security
  3. Human-based behavior and cybersecurity
  4. Policies for organizational security management
  5. Privacy issues in the Internet of Things
  6. Computer security in Software installation
  7. Security and biometrics
  8. Impact of Apps on mobile platform security
  9. Working remedies for Ransomware
  10. The best antivirus in the world
  11. How to encrypt viruses
  12. Importance of cybersecurity audits
  13. Essentials of intranet security

These are some of the quality persuasive paper topics. You can also ask for cheap but professional research paper writing help from our experts today.

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