How To Write Papers in CMS Style The Professional Way

How To Write Paper In CMS Style

As one of the main styles of essay formatting for university educations around America, the CMS format is a difficult and strict style that enables students to maintain consistency throughout classes. It’s used for all kinds of subjects and courses and understanding its value and structure is important in order to successfully complete your academic degree.

Paper writing in general doesn’t need to be difficult, but when you are working with a difficult and finicky style like CMS, you simply cannot have any errors of any kind. Not only will your paper not appear professional with errors, but you will most certainly get marks removed for work that isn’t completely flawless.

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CMS formatting techniques

When you are looking to write papers, online advice is everywhere. Let this document help you through the process of creating a CMS paper and leave your worries at the door.

  • The margins of a CMS paper should be set to an absolute minimum of one inch to a maximum of one and a half inches on all sides.
  • Typeface ranges, but utilizing Times New Roman will yield the best, most neutral response.
  • Always create documents in 12 point, but no smaller than 10 point font.
  • Text should always be double spaced, with few exceptions:
  • Block quotations, figure captions, table titles, and other formatting exceptions
  • An extra line should be placed before and after an aforementioned exception.
  • Notes and bibliographies should be single-spaced
  • Page numbers begin on each page, starting with number 1
  • Subheadings are expected for longer papers
  • An extra line of white space before and after subheadings is recommended
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