Conflict And Compromise In History: Topics To Research

conflict and compromise in history topics

Conflict is part of human life. Families bicker, partners bicker, business colleagues bicker and countries have ongoing economic conflict and compromise. Some of the biggest conflicts induced by economics are conflicts between management and labor. Everyone sees life differently- and deals with situations differently.

Conflict Topics: Many Titles On A Broad Subject

A student who has to write a conflict essay will be interested in the conflict theory essay as within society there is a conflict due to the differences between genders, races, religions, countries, and cultures.

Throughout history, however, there have been organized peace societies where people co-operate with one another to compromise and resolve their conflict. A conflict resolution essay topic can be on how such a person used compromise as a solution to resolve the conflict.

Nobody can escape the irritations of life and every office manager knows how between different workers there can be smoldering hate and bitterness. A conflict management essay can be gripping, describing how the best office managers make use of different techniques and strategies to manage the conflict and turn it into something positive and productive.

Conflict Essay Examples Can Help

If as a student, you’re wondering just how to choose a conflict essay topic and how to even write such an essay, a conflict essay example is readily available for students who don’t have the time or who find a conflict essay too tough to contend with.

Hiring professional writing services to write an essay on conflict resolution or some other essay on conflict will ensure you can choose an interesting topic and still have your essay written for you within the deadline.

The professional writers know how to write on the type of conflict you’re interested in for your essay, the reasons for the conflict, the consequences of the conflict and how the conflict was resolved.

Good Conflict Essay Topic Ideas

  • Name issues that have sustained the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • The 100-years-war between England and France.
  • The 7-year French/Indian War and how it all but escalated into a global war.
  • The American Revolution from 1775 and the Declaration of Independence.
  • One of the bloodiest wars – The American Civil War between North and South.
  • World War I and II.
  • The conflict between America and Iran in 2020.
  • A history of the war on drugs.
  • Conflict resolution essay on resolving conflict in the workplace.
  • The different types of conflict.
  • The top 3 causes of conflict in relationships.
  • The conflict within us at being retrenched.
  • The role of compromise in conflict resolution.
  • Generational- and age-related conflict in the workplace.
  • Should there be conflict resolution programs in schools?
  • Discrimination and conflict against religious groups.
  • Drugs closely connected to violence and conflict.
  • Gang violence and conflict within the ranks.
  • Conflict predictions between countries for 2020.
  • With growing populations, people are vying for water and land.
  • The health of patients compromised in conflict-affected health care settings.
  • Conflict as the fundamental rights of migrants are ignored.
  • Displaced persons living in camps and conflict among the humanitarian agencies.
  • Conflict and violence in prisons.
  • Resolution of conflicts among prisoners.
  • Different Cultures – Acceptance The Best Hope For Peace?

    Culture isn’t just about traditional dress – culture is an essential part of what a nation is – traditions, food customs, language, and religion. Culture is powerful – it’s an identity. When people don’t behave in the way other people consider as the norm, conflict arises. This in itself can provide fascinating information on what to write about with a cultural conflict essay.

    When a cultural group is a majority in the country, life can be a breeze, but for those who have different cultures and who are in the minority, it can cause dissension and conflict.

    Conflict And Comprise – It’s Been Happening Throughout The Ages

    Conflict and compromise in history topics won’t be difficult because there are so many reasons why the world has been at war since the beginning of time.

    War doesn’t usually start because of one single cause. The causes of war are many and complicated. Wars are raged because of differences in religion, power, resources, territorial gain, and defense.

    When you think of all the reasons why wars are fought, conflict and compromise topics might well be ‘Can violence ever solve conflicts?, ‘Does war shape the world and affect everything in our lives?’You could choose conflict and compromise history topics from any one of the many different wars and conflicts that have shaped world history.

    Some of these different war topics can be:

    • The Mexican-American War
    • World War I and II
    • The Vietnam War
    • The Cold War
    • Israel and Palestine
    • The Soviet-Afghan War
    • The U.S. Afghan War

    Then again, conflict and compromise NHD topics can be quite easy too. National History Day is a nonprofit organization providing chances for students and teachers to take part in historical research. NHD is a curriculum framework where students learn history by choosing exciting topics. The whole idea of NHD is to improve the teaching and learning of history in school.

    Each of the conflict essay examples that are provided for you through a professional writing service will provide you with plenty of information. There would be plenty of information on an Arab Israeli essay on conflict. After all, it’s a conflict that has been raging for almost a century. Israel and the Arab nations have been at conflict over territory for decades.

    The 1967 war is of importance, leaving Israel in control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Both these territories are home to large numbers of Palestinians, and today Israel and Palestine are still deeply divided over the land. A cool Arab Israeli conflict essay could well be ‘In 2020, can Donald Trump secure an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal?’

    Religion – Ongoing Conflict since Ancient Times

    Some believe that religion and science – creation versus evolution – has produced many conflicts, particularly when it comes to what line of thought should be taught in school. The conflict between science and religion essay could describe the main religion and science conflict over Darwin’s claims that humans evolved as opposed to being created.

    Conflict and compromise in history topics are both broad and enthralling for the student, especially when you think that technology enables people in conflict to wield unprecedented powers of destruction.

    These days, people who are angry and feel threatened will stop at nothing to become involved in wars and acts of terrorism – something which has been part of our world since time immemorial.

    The year 2020 looks as though conflict isn’t going anywhere soon. There are those, however, against staggering odds, who set out to achieve the best hope for peace. Conflict resolution topics could describe people or groups like this – people who abhor conflict and whose efforts to unite mankind are still bringing the hope of peace to millions around the world.