Top 100 Journalism Topics for Research

journalism topics

When pursuing communication or media studies, students are asked to write academic papers and essays about unique journalism topics. Journalism entails gathering and distributing information to different media channels. These channels include radio, TV, social media, and newspaper. As such, journalism is a broad field.

When looking for journalism research topics, learners have many ideas to explore. But, students should avoid too broad ideas that may need a lot of time and resources to research and write about. Instead, they should narrow the available ideas into specific research questions. This will give them an easier time when it comes to research. It will also enable them to focus more on key issues that readers want to know about specific issues that relate to journalism.

However, this is not easy for most learners. Some students pick journalist project topics and eventually realize that they can’t get the information required to complete the task. Others get bored after choosing the wrong ideas for their projects. Unfortunately, writing a paper or essay about a topic that you can’t find adequate information for or feel bored about will only earn you a poor grade. That’s why learners need ideas to inspire them when choosing the topics to write about. Here are some of the best ideas to consider when choosing your journalism topic for a research paper or an essay.

Fresh and Unique Journalism Topics

Do you want to spend your time researching and writing about something unique in the journalism field? If yes, work with one of the ideas presented by these journalism topics for students.

  1. A journalist should be well-versed in different topics about local and international news- Explain
  2. Explain how the role of professional is seen in the media
  3. Are modern journalists more inclined towards glamour instead of providing better authentic news?
  4. How has COVID-19 revealed about the role of journalists at a global level?
  5. Have journalists played any role in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  6. How does the media facilitate the stereotypical representations of females by portraying them as materialistic objects?
  7. Discuss how influential people control the freedom of journalists and the media
  8. Discuss the major problems that are experienced by journalists as they discharge their duties
  9. How have technological and scientific developments affected journalism?
  10. How has social media affected modern journalism?
  11. Are social media websites making third-persons journalists?
  12. What are the duties and roles of a professional journalist?
  13. How can journalists change the perception of women as being materialistic?
  14. Can journalism be used to help improve marginalized sections in society?
  15. How can journalists help the masses understand topical issues better?
  16. How are electronic media channels shaping modern-day journalism?
  17. Is social media making print media obsolete?
  18. How has technology affected the mediums that journalists used to reach people?
  19. How do high-profile personalities interfere with the freedom of journalists and the media?
  20. Explain the challenges that journalists in varying topographical situations face every day.

This category has some of the best literary journalism topics to research and then write about. However, students should be ready to conduct in-depth research before they start writing. They should introduce new information that readers will find interesting.

Investigative Journalism Topics

This category comprises journalism research paper topics that allow the author to investigate an issue deeply. When writing a paper or essay on these ideas, students must identify visual arguments, research about the issues or problems, and then draw conclusions based on their findings. Here are examples of investigative research topics in mass communication and journalism.

  1. How politicians in developing countries continue to lure the masses with vague promises about the education systems and job creation.
  2. How the media is helping call centers to create jobs and help the unemployed members of society.
  3. Politicians no longer have the ideological drive- A keen look into how political parties market their ideas
  4. Can the negative global image of Pakistan/Iraq/Afghanistan be improved? How the mass media fosters stereotypes and establish images
  5. How the media makes the USA look like the ultimate ruler
  6. How corruption has become synonymous with modern politics
  7. A critical analysis of how the UPA government functions
  8. The Italian roots of Sonia Gandhi
  9. How mainstream media is promoting the upsurge of public misinformation and fake news
  10. How journalists can maintain high-quality reporting without necessarily spending more
  11. How the media is helping rebrand some countries- Case study of Nigeria
  12. How influential politicians make key decisions for some media houses
  13. An assessment of the challenges facing information freedom in developing countries
  14. How the front covers for health magazines use sexual content to attract readers
  15. How magazine covers are used to get more sales
  16. What are moral lines that separate investigative journalism from the violation of people’s privacy?
  17. An investigation into the key stakeholders of modern media houses
  18. How the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to affect the Chinese economy
  19. How the government continues to censor the media
  20. How some governments silence investigative journalists

Some of these topics are also great for debates and speeches. However, extensive research is required to come up with quality and relevant content that readers will find interesting.

Interesting Journalism Thesis Topics

Journalism studies require learners to choose considerate topics that allow them an easy time to research and write quality papers. Essentially, students should enjoy working on their topics. Here are some of the most interesting thesis topics for journalism students.

  1. How significant is the media in the war against crimes?
  2. A look into democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression
  3. Media use by kids and adolescents
  4. Technology versus modern media
  5. How the media influence political patterns
  6. Use of media and subsequent effects
  7. How the media portrays popular culture and identity
  8. Use of mainstream media in strategic communication
  9. Media censorship and propaganda
  10. Media psychology- How it applies to communication
  11. Mainstream media versus art-house
  12. How the media affects a country’s socio-economic dimension
  13. Do video games form a part of the media?
  14. How the media influences violence
  15. Influence of the media on socio-economic sanity
  16. Scare strategies that the media use to accomplish goals
  17. A qualitative evaluation of modern media outlets
  18. Mass media implications to the ethical well-being of a society
  19. How the media influences immorality
  20. How society benefits from a free media

These topics to consider when writing a journalism thesis. That’s because most students will enjoy researching and writing about them. What’s more, most people will enjoy reading papers on these topics.

Great Journalism Essay Topics

Many students struggle to choose topics when it comes to journalistic essay writing. But, this shouldn’t be the case because there are many ideas that learners can explore. Here are some of the ideas that you can explore when asked to write a journalism essay.

  1. The role of mass media in society
  2. Who is a good mass media personality?
  3. What is the effect of mass media on the economy?
  4. How media houses benefit from advertising
  5. Modern society can’t do without mass media
  6. Influence of mass media on technological advancements
  7. How the media influences rivalry in politics
  8. How the media affects the political class in a country
  9. How important are reliable advertisements to the media
  10. How does the media spread awareness?
  11. What makes reliable media?
  12. How does partisan media affect society?
  13. What makes a non-partisan media?
  14. How media violence can lead to social violence
  15. Key stakeholders of modern media
  16. How does a society benefit from the media
  17. How the media has evolved over the years
  18. How the media influences the articulation of major social matters
  19. How media addiction affects the economy
  20. How the media pre-empt situations

Good Journalism Topics for Students in High School

High school students and those joining colleges are sometimes asked to write essays on their preferred topics. Those interested in mass media studies can opt to write about journalism. Here are great journalism topics for high school to consider.

  1. How media can foster education
  2. Hidden messages that are passed through the media
  3. How media images represent different entities
  4. Why radio remains popular
  5. The Disney phenomenon- New mythology or the media?
  6. Types and styles of media
  7. How politics and media are intertwined
  8. Could virtual reality be the future of modern media?
  9. Does the media create or react to events?
  10. How does the internet influence the development of the media?
  11. Media regulation and policy in different countries
  12. What is a media campaign?
  13. What is an international journalism
  14. Role of the media during wartime
  15. Does the media enhance or prevent panic during disasters?
  16. Does the media censor or promote controversial topics?
  17. Origin of the media
  18. How speech freedom impacts the media
  19. What are the main aspects of the media?
  20. How the media use the hype phenomenon

Students have many journalism thesis ideas to consider. However, every learner should be keen to pick a narrow and interesting idea to explore when researching and writing an essay or dissertation on journalism. If you need assistance, hire our paper writer and get assistance today.