233 Outstanding Educational Research Topics and Ideas

educational research topics

Are you looking for educational research topics? If you are reading this, there is a very big chance you are. You also probably know how difficult it can be to find some interesting topics that can earn you some bonus points. After all, most of your class is scouring the Internet searching for topics – just like you are doing right now.

The good news is that you’ve just managed to find the best source of topics related to education. You can find a researchable topic in education in this blog post in minutes. Furthermore, you will be thrilled to learn that our topics are perfect for students of any level, from elementary school to college.

Why Choose Our Educational Research Topics?

Aside from the obvious (we have plenty of educational research topics for college students), why would you want to use our educational research topics? What are some good educational research topics? Well, the answer is pretty simple: each and every one of our 233 topics (which you can find below). Here are just 3 reasons to pick one of our ideas:

  • All these topics are original. Moreover, we strive to update the list as frequently as possible. This means that you will most likely find a topic that’s 100% original and that will stand out from the crowd.
  • All these topics are free. Yes, 100% free. You can use them as they are or you can reword them in any way you see fit. They are – and will always be – completely free.
  • Our professional writers know the things the pique the interest of professors. Many of our topics have the potential to win you some bonus points.

So, without further ado, here are the 233 educational research topics we’ve promised – neatly organized into separate categories:

Educational Research Topics for College Students

Are you a college student looking for some awesome topics for your next research paper? We have plenty of educational research topics for college students right here:

  1. The business side of United States universities
  2. The best learning methods for blind students
  3. Teaching math to an Autistic child
  4. Can school prepare students for the real world?
  5. Do college grads earn more than high school graduates?
  6. Should student athletes receive money from colleges?
  7. Discuss the differences between Montessori-trained professors and conventionally-trained ones.
  8. Private schools and the protection they offer their students
  9. Discuss the basic principles of inclusive education
  10. Discuss the effects of bullying on education
  11. Are standardized tests the way to go forward?
  12. Scantron: a student’s worst enemy?

Unique Research Topic in Education

Are you looking for a unique research topic in education? You will be thrilled to know that we have not one, but many unique ideas you can write about in your next paper:

  1. Dealing with vandalism in public schools in the US
  2. The causes of theft in schools
  3. Effects of being late to school in a consistent manner
  4. Tackling verbal harassment in the education system
  5. Gifted students and their preferential treatment
  6. Being a non-English speaking student in the United Kingdom
  7. Improving community service programs in schools
  8. Reducing the problems caused by student tardiness
  9. Web 2.0 technology in today’s school environment
  10. Technology as a way to improve learning
  11. Improving student attendance in college
  12. Should cell phones be banned from school?
  13. Who can search a student’s backpack inside the school?

Educational Psychology Research Topics

Are you interested in writing about educational psychology? We know, these topics are hard to come by. Fortunately for you, we have a whole list of educational psychology research topics:

  1. Bullying and its effects on high school children
  2. Physical harassment in college
  3. Research individual learning methods
  4. Discuss teacher attunement
  5. Analyze motivation and engagement in your class
  6. What role does emotion play in the educational process?
  7. Discuss the ways students self-regulate in school
  8. Most important cognitive control skills
  9. Overcoming dyslexia in public schools in the United States
  10. Autistic spectrum disorders and their effects on learning
  11. Listening and problem-solving skills (educational psychologists)

Child Development Research Topics

Yes, child development is tightly linked to education. This is not something many students write about, so we’ve put together a list of the best child development research topics right here:

  1. Effects of poverty on child education in the US
  2. Discuss emotional intelligence development
  3. Genes and their effect on child development
  4. Stress and its effects on a child’s capacity to learn
  5. Research childhood trauma effects
  6. Neglect and its effects on education
  7. Neural connections in the process of learning
  8. Video games for children: pros and cons
  9. Research food supplements for children
  10. Toxic stress at school
  11. Research daycare and its benefits for children
  12. The effects of parent beliefs on children

Interesting Education Research Topics

Are you looking for the most interesting education research topics? If you are, you have arrived at the right place. Check out these awesome topics we’ve prepared for you:

  1. Research the blended learning approach
  2. Large classes and their negative effects on learning
  3. Discuss computer literacy in the United Kingdom
  4. Different learning styles in the US
  5. Are standardized tests a fair way to test students?
  6. Discuss homeschooling in Canada
  7. Research merit pay for teachers in the United States
  8. Advantages of bilingual education
  9. Pros and cons to boarding schools
  10. The best sex ed program in the UK
  11. The most effective school schedule
  12. Mandatory career counseling in college

Educational Research Topics for Thesis

We know, writing a thesis is never easy. However, did you know that you can make things easier by choosing the right topic? Here are a few original educational research topics for thesis:

  1. Research the Race to the Top system
  2. Three proven ways to reduce violence in US schools
  3. Teacher unions and their effect on education
  4. Compare public school with charter schools
  5. Analyze vocation education in the UK
  6. High school and the lack of collaborative learning
  7. The benefits of personal lecture
  8. Research dual enrollment programs in the United States
  9. The role of religion in schools in Europe
  10. What is peer-counseling and how does it work?
  11. Are school uniforms achieving the desired result?
  12. An in-depth look at plagiarism and dishonesty in college

Educational Leadership Research Topics

Discussing leadership can be a nice way to impress your professor. We have some of the best (original) educational leadership research topics right here:

  1. The purpose of educational leadership
  2. The types of educational leadership
  3. Key qualities for effective educational leadership
  4. Passion as part of educational leadership
  5. The main characteristics of a great leader
  6. Influences of leadership on learning
  7. Discuss educational management and leadership
  8. Ways to build community as a professor
  9. Cultivating leadership skills in teachers in the US
  10. Vision as part of educational leadership
  11. Leading by example
  12. Perseverance and its effects on education

Educational Technology Research Topics

Wouldn’t it be nice to find something related to educational technology to talk about? Well, you are in luck. Our expert writers have uncovered some great educational technology research topics:

  1. Best ways to avoid plagiarism in academic papers
  2. Using the Internet in the classroom effectively
  3. Dangerous network attacks on school networks in the UK
  4. Using software to find plagiarized papers in high school
  5. Major innovations in the US education system
  6. Teaching computer literacy classes in K-12
  7. The building blocks of a successful presentation
  8. Computer-aided design in architecture classes
  9. Should students be allowed with their laptops in class?
  10. Discuss the effects of technology in the education system
  11. Augmented reality and the teaching process
  12. Ways to cheat an online test in the US
  13. Contrast and compare e-learning and traditional learning

PhD Research Topics in Educational Technology

Are you thinking about starting on your PhD? Congratulations! You are about to embark on a thrilling journey. Here are some original PhD research topics in educational technology to help you start on the right foot:

  1. Saudi Arabia education: an in-depth analysis
  2. Caveats of the Common Core State Standards system
  3. Obtaining school funding the right way
  4. Online courses in the Covid-19 pandemic
  5. Compare the DREAM act with the DACA act
  6. Discuss the system known as peer evaluation
  7. Improving students’ time management skills
  8. The role of family on academic success
  9. Making money in college the right way
  10. Discuss contemporary teaching methods in Asian countries
  11. Basic education in African countries
  12. Classroom management and its challenges

Education in Europe

If you are searching for ideas to talk about, why don’t you choose to talk about education in Europe? There are few students in the US who are willing to research it these topics:

  1. Research European school system
  2. The country that offers the best education in Europe
  3. Should US students study in Europe?
  4. The country with the highest job opportunities in Europe
  5. Cheap countries to study in Europe
  6. Lowest tuition fees for international students
  7. Differences between education in Europe and the United States
  8. Compare and contrast sex education in Europe and Asia
  9. Discuss Islamic education in Europe
  10. Getting free education in Europe as an international student
  11. Student exchange programs
  12. Degrees in Europe vs. degrees in the US

Research Topics in Educational Sociology

Interested in writing about educational sociology? This is a great way to earn some bonus points on your next paper. Here are some excellent research topics in educational sociology:

  1. The role of educational sociology in the US
  2. Sociology and its effects on educations
  3. The four main functions of education
  4. Major characteristics of educational sociology
  5. Research the political arithmetic of education sociology
  6. The scope of education sociology in Europe
  7. Family types and their effects on education
  8. Poverty effects on education in the UK
  9. The social issues affecting education in the US
  10. Teenage behavior in school
  11. Effects of the media on college students
  12. Health and its influence on students
  13. Research culture and identity as part of educational sociology

Popular Educational Research Topics

If you are looking for the most popular educational research topics, you have arrived at the right place. Our experts have put together an entire list of these topics:

  1. Learning through play
  2. Discuss the role of government funding in education
  3. Research disciplinary policies in European education systems
  4. Teacher salaries in Europe vs the United States
  5. Research school safety in the US
  6. The role of technology in education
  7. Charter schools: the good, the bad, the ugly
  8. Research teacher salaries in Saudi Arabia
  9. Performance gaps caused by educational problems
  10. Reducing the number of students in the classroom
  11. Low-achievers and their needs
  12. Eliminating the standardized examinations in the US
  13. Addressing dropouts in US college education

Research Topics in Educational Administration

You shouldn’t be afraid to discuss educational administration. In fact, here are some of the best research topics in educational administration you can find:

  1. Task areas in educational administration
  2. What is educational administration?
  3. Key elements of successful educational administration
  4. Main components of educational administration
  5. Performance assessment in the US school system
  6. The three types of educational administration
  7. Basic principles of administration in the education system
  8. Private school administration in emerging economies
  9. Higher education leadership in Europe
  10. Parent expectations vs student performance
  11. Problems with bias in educational management
  12. Management of universities in Saudi Arabia
  13. Educational management in African countries

Easy Education Topics

Perhaps you don’t want to spend too much time working on your next essay. If you want to keep things simple, check out these easy education topics and pick one right now:

  1. Discuss the installation of metal detectors in schools
  2. Curving the effects of bullying
  3. Standardized tests: good or bad?
  4. Discuss social networking in US schools
  5. Technology benefits in the classroom
  6. Making education cheaper in the United Kingdom
  7. Group learning vs. individualized learning
  8. Children with special needs: educational issues
  9. Homeschooling: good or bad?
  10. The essential qualities of a teacher in 2023
  11. Discuss equality of opportunity in your school
  12. The best education system in the world

Complex Topics About Education

Do you want to try your hand at some difficult topics? No problem, we have plenty of these. Take a look at these complex topics about education and pick the one you like:

  1. Research all-inclusive learning
  2. Feminism and its effects on education
  3. Public schools in the UK
  4. Research the Response To Intervention (RTI) approach
  5. Research university independence regulations in Europe
  6. Discuss negative parental attitudes in the UK
  7. The effects of personal morals on the education system
  8. Reducing exam fraud in US schools
  9. Research the dress code at your school
  10. The role of politics in education

Best Rated Educational Topics Online

If you are interested in writing about some topics that have proven themselves over the years, check out our list of best rated topics online:

  1. Discuss censorship and its effects on education
  2. The role of parents in the education process
  3. Reasons students miss their classes consistently
  4. Stopping bullying in our schools
  5. Learning about cyber security in school
  6. Sexual abuse in the US school system
  7. Tackling the plagiarism problem in college
  8. Best education system: USA vs. Finland vs. the UK
  9. Discuss the effects of FERPA on education
  10. Research student-centered learning

Educational Topics for High School

High school students should pick topics that are not overly complex. Finding these can be tricky, we know. Here are some example educational topics for high school:

  1. Learning a new language at home
  2. Analyze self-regulated schooling
  3. Effects of Brexit on the UK school system
  4. The role of the teacher in the education process
  5. The current cost of education in the US
  6. Rising costs of education in Europe
  7. Preschool education in African countries
  8. Mixed-gender vs one-sexed schools
  9. The best universities in the world
  10. Leadership training in schools in the UK

Special Education Topics and Ideas

Talking about topics related to special education is not easy, we know. This is why we’ve done our best to come up with the easiest special education topics and ideas possible:

  1. The whole-brain teaching method
  2. Virtual classrooms for special education
  3. Emotional development of students in the US
  4. 3 skills teachers need when dealing with Autistic children
  5. Music therapy in schools
  6. Dealing with the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  7. Children with disabilities and their special needs
  8. Education methods for children with EBD
  9. Analyze the foreign language learning disability
  10. Inclusion in the United States education system

Education in the United States

A great way to get the attention of your professor is to discuss education in the United States. Don’t be afraid to discuss the negative aspects of it. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Virtual reality in the classroom for children with special needs in the US
  2. Full-inclusion in the US school system
  3. Public schools vs. private schools in the United States
  4. Modern approaches to education
  5. The modern teacher in US vs. Europe
  6. The cost of education in America
  7. Bullying in the US
  8. Discuss teacher leadership
  9. Discuss charter schools
  10. Analyze the benefits of collaborative learning

Controversial Education Topics and Ideas

You should not be afraid to write your paper on controversial education topics and ideas. In fact, we encourage you to do it. Check out these ideas below and pick the best one for you today:

  1. Charter schools: teaching quality
  2. The zero-tolerance policy
  3. Public schools vs private schools
  4. The real price of good education
  5. Politics in the classroom
  6. Religion in the classroom
  7. One-gender schools
  8. Teacher quality in the United States
  9. Tuition fees in African countries
  10. Standardized testing problems

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