125 of the Best Art Research Paper Topics of 2023

art research paper topics

When you need original art research paper topics that you know will impress your professor, you just need to visit this page. Our experienced academic writers are striving to update the list of topics as frequently as possible. This means that you should always be able to find a unique topic to write about in your next art research paper. And keep in mind that our list of topics is entirely free. You can use any topic you see here for free – and even reword it to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts if you need more ideas or a list of topics tailored to your specific needs.

Don’t Know Which Art Topics to Write About?

Don’t worry too much if you don’t know which art topics to write about. We have organized our list of topics into several categories so you should have no problem finding the perfect topic in just a couple of minutes. So, why would you want to waste your time searching for topics when we have so many ideas that you can use right now? Check out our list and pick the best one for your academic paper.

Easy Art Research Topics

The best way to save some time is to simply choose some easy art research topics. Check out our ideas and pick the one you like the most:

  1. Ancient Roman art
  2. Talk about carnival masks in Venice
  3. Talk about human sacrifices in art
  4. The history of art in Ancient Greece
  5. Talk about Ancient Greece sculptures
  6. Talk about early musical instruments
  7. Primeval art forms
  8. Mesoamerican pyramid art

Art History Research Paper Topics

Are you interested in writing about the history of art? There are plenty of things to talk about, that’s for sure. Check out these unique art history research paper topics:

  1. The history of art in Eastern Europe
  2. Russian art: the beginning
  3. An in-depth look at Mayan art
  4. The first works of art in the world
  5. Discuss art in the Greek theater
  6. The inception of Renaissance art
  7. Compare and contrast Art Nouveau and Art Deco
  8. The effects of art on the world

Difficult Art Research Paper Topics

If you want to impress your classmates and your professor, you should definitely choose one of our difficult art research paper topics:

  1. The concept of fashion in ancient Asian tribes
  2. Egyptian art inside the pyramids
  3. Analyze stained glass in Western Europe
  4. Art in ancient Babylon
  5. Discuss movement and rhythm in art

Art Topics Ideas for College Students

College students should, of course, try to look for more complex topics to write their papers about. Here are some great art topics ideas for college students:

  1. Who was Frida Kahlo?
  2. Talk about the life and works of Francisco Goya
  3. The importance of Georgia O’Keeffe’s art
  4. Balance as a main principle of art
  5. Discuss the history of printmaking
  6. Talk about Medieval art

Most Interesting Art Topics to Write About

In this list, we will add our most recent and most interesting art topics to write about. Select the topic you like and start writing your paper right away:

  1. The woman and child theme in African art
  2. Spirituality and art
  3. An in-depth analysis of Kuba art
  4. How can we decode abstract art?

Art Debate Paper Topics

Did your teacher ask you to write an art debate paper? You will certainly find this list of art debate paper topics very useful in this case:

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci and religious art
  2. Renaissance art peculiarities
  3. Differences between Persian and Asian art
  4. What makes Claude Monet stand out?
  5. Unity and variety in modern art

Controversial Art Topics

Don’t be afraid to write a research paper on a controversial topic. You can get some very nice bonus points. Check out these awesome controversial art topics:

  1. Discuss Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary”
  2. The controversial “Origin of the World” by Gustave Courbet
  3. Talk about Marcel Duchamp as a controversial artist
  4. What makes Yoko Ono a controversial artist?
  5. The savage art of Gauguin

Modern Art Research Paper Topics

We know, discussing modern art in a research paper is not easy. However, the topic can make a huge difference. Here are some easy modern art research paper topics for you:

  1. Artistic performances in modern art
  2. The peculiarities of the Cubism movement
  3. What is surrealism?
  4. What is still life art?
  5. What is Fantasy art?
  6. Technology in modern art
  7. Analyze a political cartoon
  8. Discuss Cubism

Artist Biography Ideas

Writing an artist biography can get you a top grade very quickly. Researching a lesser known artist will also get you bonus points. Here are our best artist biography ideas:

  1. Talk about the life and works of Frank Lloyd Wright
  2. An in-depth look at the work of Andy Warhol
  3. Talk about the life and works of Marcel Duchamp
  4. Discuss the works of Jackson Pollock
  5. The contribution of Salvador Dalí to art
  6. Talk about the life and works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  7. Talk about the life and works of Grandma Moses
  8. Talk about the life and works of Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse

Art Therapy Research Paper Topics

Why not write your next paper on the subject or art therapy? This will certainly get the attention of your professor. Here are some of our best art therapy research paper topics ever:

  1. Benefits of art therapy for autistic children
  2. Best techniques for art therapy
  3. Art therapy in UK hospitals
  4. Discuss the effects of this type of therapy
  5. How does art therapy work?
  6. Interesting activities that can be used as art therapy
  7. Art therapy in modern United States hospitals
  8. Latest advancements in art therapy
  9. Effects of art therapy on abused children
  10. How effective is art therapy?

African Art Ideas

We can guarantee that your professor will award you some bonus points if you manage to find a great topic. Here are the most interesting African art ideas possible:

  1. Discuss art in the Yaka and Suku tribes
  2. Discuss art in Burkina Faso
  3. Couples in African art
  4. Analyze the Nubian Pyramids at Meroe
  5. The importance of art for ritual life in Africa
  6. Analyze modern art in Zimbabwe
  7. Art and socio-politics in Africa
  8. Strangers in African art
  9. Discuss Islamic arts in ancient Africa
  10. Analyze art in Tanzania

Art Epochs

Writing a paper about art epochs shouldn’t be too difficult. Also, you can find plenty of information about any epoch online. Here are some ideas for an essay about art epochs:

  1. Talk about art in the Prehistoric epoch
  2. Discuss ancient art
  3. Art during the Hellenistic period
  4. Talk about art in the Baroque epoch
  5. Talk about prehistoric art in Europe
  6. Art during the Mannerism period
  7. Talk about art in the Renaissance epoch
  8. Art during the Rococo epoch
  9. Talk about art in the Neoclassicism epoch
  10. Art during the Mesopotamian age
  11. Talk about art in the Medieval epoch
  12. Discuss art during the Byzantine period

Renaissance Art Research Paper Topics

Yes, Renaissance art is not an easy subject. However, if you are a college or university student, you should give our renaissance art research paper topics a try:

  1. Talk about peculiar altarpieces in the Renaissance period
  2. What are Fresco cycles?
  3. Talk about the secularism theme
  4. The anatomy of the human being in art
  5. An in-depth analysis of the linear perspective
  6. Discuss realism in the Renaissance period
  7. Uses of light in art
  8. Landscape in Renaissance-era art works
  9. Discuss the humanism theme
  10. And in-depth look at rationalism in the Renaissance era

Contemporary Art Research Paper Topics

We’ve discovered that professors really appreciate contemporary art (and papers written about it). So don’t hesitate to pick one of our exceptional contemporary art research paper topics:

  1. Talk about pop art
  2. Modern sculptures
  3. Talk about an important work of modern art
  4. Talk about architecture as a form of art
  5. Discuss film as a form of art
  6. Figurative art vs. geometric art
  7. Discuss the concept of minimalist art

High School Art Research Paper Topics

Did you know that your teacher will be more likely to give you a top grade if you manage to find an interesting topic? Check out these awesome high school art research paper topics and pick the best one for you:

  1. Discuss the Surrealist movement
  2. What makes a work of art abstract?
  3. Signs of globalization in art
  4. Compare and contrast the Gothic and Neo-Gothic movements
  5. What is Abstract Expressionism?
  6. Talk about the Bauhaus movement
  7. Compare Russian art and American art during the Cold War

Photography As Art Ideas

Yes, photography is art. Also, you will almost definitely be the only one writing about this subject in your class. Here are our best photography as art ideas:

  1. Using lighting effectively for photography
  2. Artistic expressions of renowned photographers
  3. Discuss 3 of the most famous photographs
  4. Capturing the vision of the artist on film
  5. The effects of lenses on the image
  6. How photography changed the face of art
  7. Framing and timing techniques
  8. Are photographs a form of art?
  9. The many sues of lighting in a photography studio
  10. Is war photography a form of art?
  11. Expressing feelings with photos
  12. The life and work of Alfred Stieglitz

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