Technology Essay: How to Craft a Juicy Techie Essay


Technology has become the backbone of almost every activity in the world. New inventions are coming up every day, and within no time, the world is going to be the machine-controlled in virtually every aspect.

But the question still begs, what is a technology essay?
Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication – so let’s not be too technical even in the definition. A technology essay is a short piece of writing on technology.

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Top 70 Sports Research Paper Topics

“Sports are fun and enjoyable when in the field but not in writing.” These are the sentiments most college and university students have towards writing sports research papers. So if you were recently assigned a sports research paper and finding it hard to come up with a topic, you should know you are not alone. The good news, however, is you don’t have to submit a dull paper. We compiled a list of interesting sports research topics to give you a great starting point.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics – Definitive Writing Guide

compare and contrast essay topics

Compare and contrast essays can be fun to read and even write. What makes them difficult, however, is finding the right topic, and figuring out the perfect format. Where do you even begin? How do you create the perfect outline? Is your topic even good enough to create compelling content? Compare and contrast essays are a perfect amalgamation of research, opinions, and a flair for writing. This guide offers all the writing help you need for researching suitable topics as well as the correct formatting for writing on comparative essay topics.

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Top 50 Environment Research Topics For Your Paper

The planet Earth has been home to humans for years and years. The earth has been a source of sustenance by providing food and most of our basic needs. However, our environment has also been unkind to us as species sometimes. Floods, draughts and a host of other disasters have been the end to many humans, causing humans to research into their causes. In essence, environment research by man spans through human history and in a way, has been more of a survival technique.

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