Combine Work and Education – Real Possibility

Is it possible to work and study at the same time? How to work and study shouldn’t bother you much because here are tips on how to combine work and education. Thanks to technology, distance learning will help you save time in college; thus you can focus on your work. What then are the benefits of working while pursuing education?

  • You learn a new set of skills
  • You get tuition fees with ease
  • You gain hands-on work experience
  • You get to keep your current job

Consider Part-Time Study Or Part-Time Work

It’s critical you balance between full-time job vs education. For better overall performance you can consider a part-time job which in most cases does not restrict you on the nature of the work as well as salary. Also, take advantage of the online part-time study programs which are gaining popularity over time. Does your college offer a work-study program as financial assistance to students? Apart from grants and scholarships, the program will help cater for a percentage of your tuition fees. The downside of the work-study option is that it fails to cover your entire tuition fees though you learn how to work and study while saving on long commutes hence increasing time for studies.

Still wondering how to combine work and education? Apply for internships from which you can gain invaluable training and work experience. Even though most of them may not pay you, you get to focus on your college work with the hope of a better job in the same organization. While choosing a full-time job vs education poses a great challenge, you can get paid to participate in academic studies. Most of such gigs offer handsome pay. Also, you can tutor other learners in subjects which you are well conversant. You will not only gain knowledge but also get paid for it.

Keep a Routine For Enhanced Productivity

Your primary focus should be to increase productivity as you work in college and on your job. Therefore; Make it your habit to stick to a weekly plan in which you set sufficient study time daily. Electronic devices and tangible calendars come in handy in the scheduling.  The program should factor in your other commitments such as your job. Upon receiving your assignments or notifications of upcoming exams, set time aside on your schedule for preparation purposes. If possible don’t go to work the night before a scheduled exam or major educational project.

Additionally, ensure your schedule highlights all your essential academic dates. Make the most out of your time by studying an hour or two immediately before or after your work shift. Stick to your schedule. Technological advancement fosters quick and easy sharing of information promoting collaborative learning. Organize group discussions and tackle challenging topics together. Your weekly schedule should include cooperative studying sessions. How about using group message boards? Message boards will enable you to attend your work while catering for education.

How Do You Stay On Top Of Your Studies?

Quality study time is dependent on the area of the study especially now that you are both working and studying. Choose a position which is free of interruptions. Such places can be; a section in the library or a clean study desk. For quality study time, keep off rooms with televisions and switch off your phone. If you must listen to music while studying, let the music be without lyrics. Lastly, gather all the necessary materials before your study time.

Develop and commit to several study sessions in a week to keep yourself more productive. The sessions can allow you to miss a study session in favor of your work and still get back to your routine later.

Beat procrastination of assignments by studying with a clear goal in mind. Always attend to the most challenging tasks and end with the cheap ones. Before attempting your assignments, revisit your notes to refresh your memory on the requirements and learning objectives.


Is it possible to work and study? How to work and study requires a delicate balance to make the two practices productive. Nevertheless, if you have to, seek professional assistance for excellent academic and work performance.