How To Write A Medical School Personal Statement

medical school personal statement

Are you looking to join a medical school? If yes is your answer, you have to submit a personal statement and pray that your preferred school accepts your application. Take a tour through this page and gather a few ideas to help you ace in writing a personal statement.

Medical Statement Explained

A medical school personal statement is a document, which universities and colleges use to assess whether an individual is qualified to join their medical student’s team. You need to craft a unique piece that will depict your character and elaborate on why you think that you are the best candidate for the position. Keep in mind that thousands of other students will also send their requests, so it is best for you to take time in writing a med school personal statement. Considering that you are limited to about 500 words or so, you need to utilize the chance to showcase your best qualities. Of course, you need to use a reader-friendly writing style to keep your reader engaged. Also, keep in mind that you can use any life challenges or relationships with mentors to explain yourself in the internal medicine personal statement.

Tips for Writing a Med School Personal Statement

Everyone who has succeeded in securing themselves a slot in med school has undergone the same exercise as a way of proving themselves worthy. At one point, they were all clueless on how to write a personal statement, but with the help of their teachers and the internet, they managed to come up with compelling personal statements that got them admitted. Here are some of the tips they incorporated into their writing, that caused them to succeed.

  • Brainstorm widely
  • Yes, you want to join med school to save lives or even change your dire state, but that’s what every person is writing as their personal statement. Think of life’s events that motivate you to want to join this profession and use them as inspiration.

  • Narrow down to a specific area of your life
  • You have only five hundred words to express yourself. Do not waste your words trying to fit your entire life into the medical school personal statement. Just ensure that the most suitable character is depicted in the essay to allow the readers to see who you are, through paper.

  • Be very unique
  • If you were to disclose a secret about yourself, what would it be? Find that one edge that will set you apart from the crowd, then elaborate on it the best way you can on your personal statement.

  • Avoid being vague
  • The choice of vocabulary can lead to vagueness. You can avoid this altogether by using simple words. Also, be precise when writing as opposed to using general statements.

  • Write and rewrite severally
  • Since you need to draft a perfect medical school personal statement, it is essential to go through the essay more than once to ensure that it has no grammatical errors whatsoever. The best way to achieve this is to give yourself time, say six months or more. This gives you time to go through the paper severally and ensure that it is perfect by the time you want to turn it in.

  • Give real life examples
  • Are you naturally a leader or are you compassionate to the needy? How do you react to critical situations that you face daily? Well rather than narrate about such qualities, how about writing real life experiences that required you to showcase your prowess in the personal statement for medical school.

  • Do not veer off the topic
  • The aim is to convince the reader why you should join the university. Ensure that you take this angle the entire time. Avoid writing anything that will come off as desperate or bad-mouthing others. This can get you disqualified from the race.

  • Ask for a second, third, and fourth opinion
  • If you are not sure if your dental school personal statement is perfect, find other people who you trust to go through it, then help you make any changes where it is necessary.

What More

Some of you are not as good in writing a personal statement for college as others. If this is you, take advantage of writing services available on the internet and relax as professional writers work on your paper. If you do not need help writing a personal statement, you could check the internet for medical school personal statement examples to get a rough idea of how things are done.

Wrap Up

Before you chose what to write about in a personal statement, ensure that you think through the entire task from beginning to the end. Involve as many people as you can, but keep your paper out of the sight of your peers, if you do not want your work to be stolen. Proofread your work severally to avoid any grammatical errors and finally, give it a unique twist that will lure the readers to dig sdeeper. Check more on our blog and learn how to combine college and work.