How to write papers in APA style: the perfect guidelines

In order to successfully write a paper in APA format, it’s important to understand all the rules and stylistic concerns that you need to address before you even begin. The APA format isn’t overly difficult, but it’s essential that you follow the guidelines perfectly in order to get the best marks possible whenever you write paper assignments. Teachers in university level courses are always looking for ways to dock you marks – the more teachers give out A’s, the less the A means, so this causes an overcorrection in the marking schema. It’s important to never let your teacher give you demerits for any kind of stylistic reason, and it’s ultimately extremely easy to fix.

APA paper writing guidelines

• It’s important to use regular, 8 ½ x 11 paper and nothing else. Make sure it’s white and that it hasn’t already been used for any reason
• There should be 1 inch margins on all sides, including the top and bottom. This is to ensure that the teacher can write comments, as well as visual neatness concerns.

• The recommended, neutral font is Times New Roman 12. Try to stick to texts that are a similar style and size – handing in an essay in Comic Sans will absolutely get you penalized.

• The entire paper needs to be double (2x) and not single, or single-and-a-half (1.5x) spaced, once again, for visual concerns and for allowing the teacher to write notes on your paper.

• Include a page header on the top of every page. This allows the paper writer to list their name and the title of their paper on every page, so that it is easy to collect the entire paper if it ever becomes scattered or detached.

• Your paper should consist of the following elements, as a general outline:

o Title Page
o Abstract
o Body
 Paragraph 1
 Paragraph 2
 Paragraph 3
o References

• Your title page should consist of four elements: the Title itself, your name, the institution, an author’s note, and the page header
• On the Abstract page, write the word Abstract and center it on the page. Write a summary of your key points in the research you are presenting. Keep it shorter than 250 words.

• If applicable, include specific keywords relevant to your paper.

• For the Body, begin with an indented introduction and present your facts and arguments.

• For the reference page, include all of the following:

o Center and bold the word References at the top
o Alphabetize and double-space the entire entry list
o Cite all your relevant sources and ensure that they are accessible.

It’s not easy to write academic paper assignments in APA
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