How to write an Essay on Women Rights

Millions of women and girls around the world still believe that in the 21st century they continue to be denied their human rights. They don’t want to be looked upon as just wives and mothers who have to cook, clean and care for the family.

Women want to take part in all the same activities that men take part in, they want to be considered equal to men, have the right to vote, get jobs that were once only available to men, receive the same pay packet as men and they want to be taken seriously.

Source Information from Credible Sources

If you’re doing Women’s & Gender Studies at university, and you have to do an essay, as with any academic assignment, a women’s rights essay will need to be based on publications from reliable, trustworthy sources online or from books. You will need to cite and reference all sources used for your essay.

The moment you start accumulating information for your essay on women’s rights movement, you’ll want to be organizing it roughly into categories. The following is a good idea for an outline of your essay –

  1. Write down the purpose and ideas you have
  2. Title of essay
  3. Introduction with thesis statement
  4. Body of content
  5. Conclusion

There is so much to write with a women’s rights movement essay, so choose your women’s rights essay topics carefully and consider the different angles you could take.

In terms of topics, you’ll likely do research on –

  1. Urgent problems connected with the limitation of women’s rights.
  2. The historical aspects of women’s right’s movements.
  3. What the solutions are.

Writing an essay on women’s rights movement requires being persuasive. Before you actually start writing your essay on women’s rights movement, as one of the female students, you may have already pondered on this topic, may even have witnessed abuse on campus. Choose the side of the topic you are ‘for’ and not ‘against’ so that you can write a stronger, more passionate essay.

The All-Important Title of Your Essay on Women’s Rights:

Choose a title for your women rights essay that expresses your main idea. Include a verb in your title and make it provocative so that people feel they just have to read on a little bit more. A title example for a women’s rights argumentative essay could be ‘Women March to Finally Quell abuse from Partners’. The topic will see you taking a position on this controversial issue, presenting arguments in favor of such a march while encouraging your audience to wonder what side they would take and what they woud do.

The Introduction:

How to start a women’s rights essay is such an important aspect of your essay. It should give a clear idea of its purpose. Your introduction can be short, but impactful, introducing your readers to your topic. After the provocative title for your essay on women’s rights movement, your introduction is your next chance to entice your reader to continue with your essay. You could start your essay like this as an example – Women are earning more bachelor’s-, master’s- and doctorate degrees than men – why are they earning less?

This is an attention-grabbing opening sentence, and with some informative sentences following, it can lead to your thesis.

The Vitally Important Thesis Statement

When you start writing, put your ideas into one single sentence – your thesis statement – your main idea. Writing a good thesis statement for your women rights essay is actually the subject of your paper. In fact you can say that the entirety of your paper hangs on your thesis sentence. This is usually the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. It’s got to be impactful – telling your readers what they can expect. This part of your essay will be where you develop your story from the topic you chose.

Academic pieces on women’s rights have been written over and over again, so it would be more productive to focus on a particular aspect of this general problem. Abortion and women’s reproductive rights are big news in the 21st century, as is gender abuse. You may want to concentrate on an essay with titles and information on:

  1. Violence against women and girls
  2. Sexual Assault and Rape – what is a women’s recourse?
  3. What are the laws on violence against women. What protection can women expect from the Violence Against Women Act and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA)?

Use Examples

There have been many famous women who have survived domestic abuse, so a good idea would be to mention one or two. Write about how domestic violence can happen to any women of any race and age. You can write about the difficulties of these individuals to escape the abuse they were enduring.

  1. Madonna has been totally overpowered by her husband-of-the-time, Sean Penn. He beat her for many hours and was charged with domestic assault.
  2. Tina Turner’s relationship with former husband Ike Turner is one of the most abusive you can get. Her ex-husband tried to kill her several times, brutally beating her.

How to Write Your Conclusion:

When you reach the conclusion, you’re almost finished – how cool is that. This last paragraph needs to link back to your introdution. The introduction of your women rights essay lays out the thesis for the reader, and the conclusion will reiterate those main points you made. It is certainly not the time to be introducing any new ideas that weren’t discussed in the body of the essay. In your conclusion you could ask the question ‘has there been progress with women’s rights in 2019’? Women in the Middle East will say that while some restrictions have been loosened, there is slow progress and this progress needs to be shaken up.Your conclusion is the final words your reader will hear from you on the matter of women’s rights so make it forceful so as to give your readers plenty of food for thought.