How To Write An Amazing Autobiography In A Few Simple Steps

how to write an autobiography

Iconic historical figures such as authors, politicians, and celebrities are best known for their overwhelming autobiographies. Some great people like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, and Benjamin Franklin have written autobiographies anyone would kill to read.

So, What Is An Autobiography?

It is an account of a person’s life written by that person. For instance, you can write a statement of your life from the time you arrived in this world in your birthday suit to where you are now.

You shouldn’t worry if you’ve not made significant strides in life for you to write one – remember, it’s the small things we do that matter. Even if you’ve only managed to graduate from high school, remember there is someone else who never managed to step in a kindergarten. So, that should be an inspiration.

However, autobiographical writing comes in four types. It is essential to understand these types to avoid putting salt in tea and sugar in a rice meal. What I mean is that each model has a specific function it plays; hence, the need to differentiate them.

Let’s delve into these types now.

Four Types of Autobiographical Writing

1. Personal Essay

It is a short, descriptive form of autobiography that is intimate and emotional. The author of such an essay expounds on personal experience in an elegant way, leaving no stone unturned.

A personal essay should be able to give the readers a chance to empathize with the author as a result of how the piece is structured.

An example of such is when you write about your personal love life experience and how it impacted you in the end. Did that experience make you love more or compel you to make an oath never to love again?

2. Memoir

A memoir (can you try pronouncing it loudly) is a memory of your life. It may be a particular happening, place, or even a person. Let’s say, a memory of your life in high school when you used to wake up at dawn for preps but end up sleeping until the bell rang.

A memoir should show how that event has had an impact on your personality. Like a river that has broken its banks, don’t be afraid to let it all out – the emotions and ideas out of the particularly memorable event.

Unleash the inner you to portray an accurate picture of the event. With this in mind, a memoir is thus longer and into details.

3. Autobiography

Now, this is like the internet of your life – it will contain absolutely everything about your experience. Unlike the three types mentioned above, this form is the longest and most detailed. It can either be for your benefit or public consumption.

An autobiography gives a well elaborate journey of your life from the time you first saw the light of day up to when you are writing it. Don’t leave out anything, even the time you received caning for stealing your friend’s chocolate from the locker should appear.

Since it is supposed to be an inspiration to others, ensure to include how you set your goals, the methodologies you employed in achieving them, and even the struggles you went through.

4. Autobiographical essay for college

The primary focus of such an article is to bring out your personality aspect – rather than the professional. It is used by those wishing to join a college for them to secure a slot in such institutions.

An autobiography for college should not, however, be confused for a resume or a CV. Its structure and formatting are as different from a CV as oil and water.

Now that we’ve known the types, wouldn’t it be honorable also to understand how an autobiography is structured?

Structuring an Autobiography

Basing on the types we’ve discussed above, the autobiography structure will depend on the model. However, this article will focus on how to format an autobiographical essay.

Sit tight, this is important.


The question begs, how do I start an autobiography? Well, this is the catch.

My essay teacher used to give me an illustration of the diffusion process whenever he wanted to teach me. He told me that at the beginning of the essay, the writer has this overwhelming ocean of ideas in his head. They are supposed to spread out to the two or three-page paper (now, that is moving from the region of high concentration, your head, to the area of low intensity, the article.)

The introduction should creatively magnetize your reader’s attention to the essay and help them have a glimpse of what the piece is all about. Remember to KISS it (I can see that reaction already). By that, I mean, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Let the readers know who you are in a short and precise manner.

Main Body

It is the Mount Everest of your autobiography essay.

Though there are no stringent standards, it should be in a logical, appealing, and catchy flow. You don’t want to present to your readers an elephant for the introduction and later show them with a rabbit for the body.

The classic five-paragraph structure can be incorporated in the autobiographical essay if the ideas you have fit it. Each paragraph should carry thought of its own, well-elaborated using easy to understand sentences.

Ensure that there is a link between each of the paragraphs as you write. Do not toss your readers up and down like turbulent waves of the Atlantic.


The climax of a matter is better than the beginning.

It should be like the knockout punch of your autobiography essay. Give it with all the strength you’ve got leaving nothing to chance.

You should give the impact of the whole story on your life or the lessons derived from the experience. Both positive and negative aspects are presented here without any iota of shame or disgrace. After all, you are not the only one going through such; there are many others only that you’ve chosen to speak out for the voiceless.

Switching gears now, we’re going to look at the step by step procedure of crafting an autobiography that will be the envy of many, not to mention, the POTUS.

A Bit-by-Bit Guide on Writing a Top-notch Autobiography

For you to get to the top of the ladder, you have to follow the steps one at a time. So, let’s see how one can climb the autobiography ladder to the top.

Fasten your belt now and get ready to start climbing!

1. Find an inspiration

Since time immemorial, autobiographies have continued to make it to books. You can read on the available autobiographies to draw inspiration and see the different ways in which authors meticulously crafted their award-winning autobiographies. It will enable you to identify the styles, formats, and presentation techniques of autobiographies.

2. Now Meditate on Your Life

It is the most exciting part of it all. You will soon start to recall every significant happening in your life. If you find that you might have insufficient information on a particular event, you can enquire from your parents, teachers, or other persons who were there when the incident took place.

3. Come up With a Summary of All the Events

After the meditation, take a pen and paper, highlighting all these memories and when they took place. From the pick out, a memory that will be of value to your readers. Do not be subjective in picking a mind that is only of interest to you at the expense of your readers.

4. Draft a rough copy

Ever been in that situation where you write a text, pluck it out and throw it in the bin? Well, as dull as it may seem, it helps you think, rethink and finally draft a perfect masterpiece, one that Shakespeare would beg to have in his collection of must-reads.

5. Seek a second opinion

It is always prudent to know what others say about your work. It will help in identifying the gaps and new perspectives.

6. Write the ‘Real Thing’ Now

After all the brainstorming, recommendations, and proofreading, it’s now time to let out the precious jewel, handling it with all the care needed. Do not let anything to chance; you don’t want a simple spelling mistake throwing your autobiography out of the shelves, don’t you?

And those are the six simple steps in writing a killer autobiography!

Writing A Perfect Biography Is Easy!

Just like any other form of writing, there are dos and don’ts in writing an autobiography. One can look at sample autobiographies to identify such considerations.

What are you waiting for then? Start by writing an autobiography of yourself today by following the structure and simple steps given above.

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