How To Do A Literature Review Of Your Dissertation

Writing a faultless literature review is one the ways of passing your dissertation. On the hand, if your literature review is flawed, then the reader will assume that the rest of the dissertation is also flawed. It is hard to perform a research without first understanding the main literature in the field of study. Professional examiners in dissertation writing know this.


The main purpose of the literature review is to evaluate the overall literature that surrounds a certain topic or area of research and provide a summary of the literature to date. The literature review may take one or more distinct chapters of the dissertation or it can be part of the introductory chapter in the thesis. Most don’t understand the format of a literature review, and this is where you need dissertation help.

So, what are the stages of conducting a literature review? Here are some ideas on how to write a literature review.


  • Problem formulation


The first step of writing a literature review is to think about your research topic and discover central areas that need to be researched. Then compile a list of keywords that will help you find materials on your topic. The author should also determine what questions the literature review will answer. These are the questions that will guide the literature review until the end.


  • Conducting your research


This step involves looking for the appropriateness of your literature to your research topic. At this stage, the library will be a useful place where you will find relevant materials such as books, websites, journals, multimedia sources and so on.


Still, in the library, there are several library sources that will help you conduct research including;


a) The library catalog: You can search for books, journals and other research materials available in the library.
b) Library PC’s: Most libraries have several PC’s you can use to access the internet and look for materials related to your topic.
c) Online databases: Most libraries have a subscription to several online databases that contain useful materials for your research.
These resources you find in the library could help you find more material related to your topic of study. Make use of them.


  • Data evaluation


Before you include any of the materials you have gathered in your literature review, it is important to first evaluate and verify the results to ensure that the information collected is accurate, relevant, reliable and up-to-date.


You can begin by checking some basic requirements like;


a) What is the source of the content?
b) Who is the author?
c) What is the target audience?
d) Has the source and work been reviewed?


It is important to evaluate web sources carefully since they are not always the most accurate and reliable places to find information. Also, check the domain of the site and find out if it is an educational or governmental site or just an individual’s home page.


  • Analysis and interpretation of the material


This is the stage of dissertation writing where data must be carefully read and interpreted to fit the actual structure of the literature review. Then write a review that consists of the following:


a) An introduction: Specify the topic and all the trends in the literature review. Explain the reasons why you are writing the review.
b) A body: This is the main part of the review where you will expound on each of the main points of your study. Present your research studies in a chronological manner and evaluate studies from other authors.
c) A conclusion: Here you will evaluate the current status of the research and include the studies that have contributed much into the subject.


Remember that while writing your literature review, it is important to properly cite the sources used to enable the examiner to refer to those sources.


With this guide, you stand a high chance of writing a perfect literature review for your dissertation. Whether you decide to write your own or buy dissertation, don’t forget to follow the format and requirements given by your college on writing a literature review. If you are ready, you can get started right away with the help of this guide.