5 Editing Rules to Make Your Argumentative Essay Brilliant

When you have to write an argumentative essay, you’re usually worried about the writing part. But in fact, the editing that comes after is much more important. It’s a chance for you to reorganize, restructure your paper, work on your word choice and fix any small grammar errors. It might seem like a lot, but once you start editing, you’ll notice how simple and logical the process is.

5 Crucial Tips on Editing Your Argumentative Essay

There are two things you need to edit your paper properly. The first is time, as you really need some to do it thoughtfully, and the second is focus. If you don’t possess one of these, you might find it easier to ask someone else to edit your writing for you. Writers from PaperWritten.com can work on your paper for you, improve it and explain to you why those changes matter. But if you want to do it yourself, you need to remember these things:
1. Start with simple tools.
When you finish writing your argumentative essay, you can start checking your paper immediately. Simply use a spelling corrector and run a grammar check on your paper. It won’t work with every mistake, but you can fix the most obvious ones.
2. Check your previous work if available.
If you have your writings from the recent past, it would be a good idea to review those. It will help you pinpoint your major mistakes, so you know your trouble spots.
3. Read it out loud.
Many students wonder how to write argumentative essays so they are persuasive. But they tend to forget that persuasiveness is not about the arguments you use (although they still have to be valid). It’s all about the language. When you read your paper out loud, you’ll notice how you stumble and stop in some places. Underline those and make sure you fix them.
4. Use precise language.
When you’re trying to convince someone of your position, you have to use clear and precise words. Be specific with your word choice. It’s tough to do when you’re writing, but come back to it later when you’re editing.
5. Cut your favorites.
You will have some brilliant lines that you exceptionally like in your essay. But sometimes they are just don’t fit right. Be ruthless and cut them out of your paper.
Remember that if this seems like too much, you can always find the best essay service for yourself. Editing is, in many ways, even harder than writing. Also, don’t forget that you need to manually proofread. One of the best services that can do it for you is PaperWritten.com, as they get the job done quickly.

However, the essay writing process starts far from this. If you just got your paper assigned, the first thing to take care of is your topic. This might be harder than you think, as good topics need a lot of research, but they also need to be interesting to you. To make your argumentative part easier, you have to choose something really hot and controversial from the start.

Top 5 Most Controversial Argumentative Topics

1. Death sentence.
This debate on the legitimacy of the death sentence has been going on forever. Discuss different arguments and cases (there are many on this topic) and state your opinion.
2. Doping and drugs in sport.
Many scandals about doping usage appear during major international competitions. Go back to the huge scandal with Russia and doping during the Olympic Games. Describe these cases and dive deeper into this issue.
3. Churches and taxes.
Is it fair that churches are non-taxable? Check different laws in different countries about taxation and religion, and make your claims.
4. Minimum drinking age.
Should it be lowered? Different people argue on this, making this a political issue. Describe the pros and cons.
5. Illegal immigration.
Is the world truly free while borders exist? How would mass-immigration influence the economy? You can also refer to the crisis in Europe and check how that changes it. Also, think about cultural issues and differences that exist.
There is a formula for a perfect argumentative essay piece. The first thing to do is choose the right topic for yourself. Then, don’t worry about writing part, just let your creative juices flow and run on your imagination. But treat the editing part especially serious, as this is a chance for you to make your paper so much better.